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 Marwin's GameMaster Application.

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PostSubject: Marwin's GameMaster Application.   Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:05 am

Marwin's Gm Application.

1. Whats your main Char ign ? (InGameName)

Answer: LilFreeZe

2.. Where in the world are you located? ¨

Answer: Sweden , (europa)

3. What time zone are you located in?

Answer: GMT+2

4. How old are you ?

Answer: 15 years old , But you can see my brother in pic in Xat ...

5. How long time have you play Real flyff ?

Answer: I have play real flyff since v.10 - v.12 Like 2 years.

6. When was you being with Flyff Private Server ?

Answer: From v.13 too v.15 / v.16 like 3 years have i play Flyff Pserver Smile

7. Hours online ?

Answer: I playing 5 - 10 hours ea Day .. and i playing everyday ...

8. About me ?

Answer: I am male , 15 years old .I love too play Football and Basketball I love girls Razz and i am nice dude ;3
I love food , but i am not fatt Razz i have muscles , Stomach muscles ...

9. My Gm Experince ?

Answer: Well i can almost v.15 commandos Smile I have been gm 4 - 6 times but some servers
crashed every 3 - 5min thats why i quited that server , some servers lagged like hell ;o
And thats it . I love too help players They can pm me 24/7 for help or mail me for help Smile
If you want know from me more just contact me Smile .

10 Events / and more info ...

Answer: I will make 2 - 4 events per day ... And when i am log in , i will ask first players
If they need some help . And then i will make events .. I will not been like a idiot...
Event would be : Hide and seek , Spam a maybe cw if owner let me do it Smile

11. Xat name ?

Answer: LilFreeZe

13. Language?

Answer: English best / Swedish best / Spanish a little / Serbia a lot/ Franch a little / Tyska a little

13. If you want contact me ?

Answer: Well , want contact me her its my email:
And you can pm me in xat (:

I hop you will read it and contact me if i get the job (:

Thanks for your time <3 !
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Marwin's GameMaster Application.
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