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 Gordzkie GM application

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PostSubject: Gordzkie GM application    Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:11 am

Yo guys, Gordzkie here. I want to apply for GM.
And it goes like this…
Complete Name?
- Gian Paolo Gordo
-Gordzkie 129-Blade
Where Are You From?
- Philippines
How old are you?
- I’m 16 Years Old
- English, very fluent.
In general, how many often are you usually online?
- At least 8 hours during school days, almost 24hrs during weekends
- GMT+8 [Philippines]
Servers that I have played?
- Insanity, Frenzy, Demon, Xtacy, Kenple, Luxury and the recent was Midnite
Flyff knowledge?
-Honestly, if I were to rate myself from 1-10, I’ll rate myself as 9
Okay. Let’s go about the job.
Job Questions.
What can you do for this server?
- As GM, I have such good ideas for events so players’ interest in playing the server will be high because they will really have fun time playing.
-As GM, I will be helpful as I can in order for the players to play smoothly and having no problems. Thus making them experience a good play in the server.
-As GM secure that other GM's are making a good job in benefit of the server, and work with the team to increase number players and obviously, the fun.

Yahoo: Feel free to ask me if you want to know more about me.

Some facts about me:
- I’m a trusted one. I’ll try my best to be as helpful as I can. I’m kinda serious but sometimes funny though. Very Happy
I’m a very determined person; every time I work for something I do my best to get it to the best.
It’s been like that in all servers I worked for, in my own limitations I worked hard to improve the players’ pleasure for being in this server.

Hope you like my application. So, I’ll be patiently wait for your reply. Thank you! God Bless.
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Gordzkie GM application
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