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 Gamemaster Apply-Probe

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PostSubject: Gamemaster Apply-Probe    Sat Feb 19, 2011 7:58 pm

Names (Both IRL and In Game). :

My name IRL is:

Marcel Plummer

My name In game is

Chicken And Probe


I am currently 12, nevertheless age is nothing but a number.


Not telling :S


Greenwich mean time +0 (GMT+0) (London, England)

Past experience:

Personally, experience doesn't matter to me, someone new to being a Game-master could do the same job as someone with experience, if not better, experience is basically how you act with people, with me it depends on the person you're talking to, for example: someone going "PLZ SERVER ON" even when answered carries on with the same question (Known as a pinoy) and someone asking with language that you can understand.

In game, I know what to expect from being a GM on high-rate servers (Pinoy paradise) the constant questions, hardly any manners (Example: "buff" like, not even plz just buff I mean seriously...) and butt kiss for items, positions etc...

Why would I want to become a Game master:

I've noticed theres a space open in the team since the Ex-Gm Sean was fired, so at the moment the servers in need of staff to deal with the players, as Kiki said yesterday, she's tired of her staff doing nothing (I don't know who she was referring too, or would I write it so lol) . Also I'm sure I can change that, I've learned alot about being a Game-master over the years so I thought I'll give it ago and apply, also I think I'm active so I'll be on almost everyday.

How long have I played? (Flyff in general):

I started eflyff at the age of 9, so I've played for a good couple of years and understand the gameplay etc, I joined flyff private servers after a years time of eflyff (I was 10 when I joined flyff private servers).

The first private server that I've ever played was, Explosive Flyff, made by Jacob (Apixen) I played for around 4-6 months and then joined RockFlyFF, this was the server I first obtained a Game-master position, and began to understand that being a Game-Master isn't just about being able to spawn things and being stronger then everyone else, after awhile I noticed that that server was going nowhere so I joined XFlyff owned by YyZz (Charlotte, I'm sure you know her Lol..) and also got Game-Master there, the server got shut down due to nobody wanting to host it, after hours of finding a new server, I finally found King-FlyFF, on King-Flyff I met some really nice people (Example: Jak :$), I'm sure your aware of what happened to King-Flyff, after that Jak introduced me to Midnite FlyFF and that got shut down. now I'm here.

About me:

As I said my name is Marcel, I lawrb Carrots,Cheekan, Tayla and Jak and enjoy talking in the xat chat, currently I'm learning computer languages, so far I know two (]HTML] and CSS[/u] I'm learning another language currently called PHP[b/] and hopefully I'll learn it soon, when I'm finish with that language I'm going to move on toDifferent forms of hacking.

Hai I'm Probe and thankyou for reading my apply. ;D

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Gamemaster Apply-Probe
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