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 MaRl's GM application.....

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PostSubject: MaRl's GM application.....   Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:39 am

Marl Marvin


Im 13 years old Coming 14 on June 8!!

Philippines (Philippines, GMT+

Im speaking my native Language which is Cebuano but in Learning English i can do also a good conversation to others!!

About me:
I'm a young guy who's "Cebua-Boy but fluent in English!!" and have lived in Cebu all my life. I grew up around a very typical traditional Cebuanos family until I began school, where I learn English and began to I guess, unintentionally conform to the Philippine Culture. I'm fluent in English , and I studied English for 4 years; I'm able to read and write in it, but my vocabulary is fairly basic. I speak fluent Korean and English and sport a slightly British accent. I've been playing FlyFF for a long time and have yet to kick the addiction.


Began FlyFF in the beginning of Version 6 USA.Quit after Version 9Came back to Version 11 eFlyFFPlayed til Version 12 and then discovered FlyForFame.Played FlyForFame for a significant period of time, in which I became part of a now, non-existant group called the Event Team. I coordinated as a Head of that team for some time, and quit after I found their owner's ignoring corruption and being inattentive to Staff malpractice.Worked as a Game Master for UnknownFlyFF for about a month (Now known as Zumina Network's FlyFF).Worked as a Game Master and Unofficial Administrator for DemonFlyFF from November til about February-March. Left due to personal issues that posed a threat to the server's wellbeing.

Hours Online:
Am in weekdays i played 2-5hrs and in weekends 3-7 hrs

What is your motivation to apply and aspire to become a member of Staff at MidniteFlyff?

MidniteFlyff seems to be like a small, aspiring server, who although have had many issues pertaining to staff corruption and VPS problems, is full of friendly and warm people. I, coming from a large private server, found comfort here and made many friends, pulling through the wipes. I believe this server has potential, and I'd like to use my experience and lend a helping hand to make this server bigger, and better.

Cheers, Marl

(Any inquiries about this application can be made immediately below through posting a reply.)

Hope Yu Like it and

ACCEPT itTt.... Thanks
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MaRl's GM application.....
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