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 IVIadness gm application you knew id apply soon :P

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PostSubject: IVIadness gm application you knew id apply soon :P    Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:08 pm

Whats my ingame name: IVIadness
whats my real life game name : David
What is my location: Melbourne australia earth the milky way this dimension so somewhere within a few lightyears from you <3
What is my timezone: i cant remeber D: but just refer to ^
What is my gm experience: absolutely None funnily enough everytime i would apply the server seemed to die within a week but im here to become a gm i dont really believe that experience helps much knowledge of codes is useful but i know quite a few already i think its all down to the person
What is my reason for wanting to be a gm : well whats a gm short for Game master whats a game master someone who has the power to summon anything however i want to be a game master since in about a month of playing ive sen 2 gms online id love to be able to be that person who could help when no one is online

why should you hire me as a gm: like everyone who makes a gm app im going to talk myself up who doesnt i think im responsible fair and helpful that is my opinion about myself you make your own i can bring myself to being a gm of ambience flyff i can bring my jokes my ideas and overall my attitude to life to this server and i hope you will pick me
before i forget
what is my experience in eflyff: i have been playing for around 2 and a half years on the official server
what is my pserver experience : about 6 solid months of everyday playing on private servers my first ever private server was a non hamachi donate powerful v15 server it died soon my second server was hamachi v14 and had a player base of about 20 people i played there for 3 months it was wiped i got banned but through it all it showed me the ways of pservers after that i drifted never finding anything good until i came here ive never seen rebirths before i heard of them but never found a server with usefull rebirths all of them were insane now though i cant wait to play
hope i didnt forget anything kind regards David
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IVIadness gm application you knew id apply soon :P
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