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 ItzVaQ----GM Apllication

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PostSubject: ItzVaQ----GM Apllication   Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:33 pm

Hey Guys,

I was thinking about to get a GameMaster place in your team. The reason why is, when ever I play in the evening or at the afternoon, there were no GM's online. Maybe the German time is the point but on your server are a lot of German players and I think they want some Event's at their time,too. So I decided to be a Game Master.

First of all I discribe my person.

My name is Lennard, I am 18 years old and i'm from Germany. The most time of my day I am sitting in front of my computer and play flyff, write some mini games or do other stuff. At the moment I go to school so I got a lot of time to do those things. Otherwise I play some soccer. But that doesnt matter.

Second I will dicribe my flyff ''career''

Flyff is my favorite MMORPG. I'm playing since 6 years and know the most things about it. I started like everybody with the Official German version. But I lost the fun. Low EXP rates and all the other things. Then there was a long time on Fame. About 2 years I played there. After that I tried different other p-server. I was already on three servers a GameMaster so I got a lot of expierience and know the things to make the job very well.
I am a social player. I Help other players when ever I can. But the leading point is why I want to be a GM is that I think the most german players need a person which understand their problems and the dont need to write everthing in english.

I hope you like me and let me become a GameMaster on your server.

Mfg VaQ
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ItzVaQ----GM Apllication
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