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 Alex's GM Application

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PostSubject: Alex's GM Application   Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:57 pm

Heya Lacey,

Here is my GM Application.

My name is Alexander Cyr (IGN: MhmNo)
I am 16 Years Old
I am from canada(manitoba), i can speak French (Main Language) and English (Secondary Language)
I can help alot of french people in ur server if they need any help
I dont really know whats my Time Zone but i think its (GMT-6)
I am a Guy lol
Any GM Experience: I have my own server (Down atm cause i cant host it lol) and ive been GM 3 times ( Want a proof? xD /sro 77 511 77 511 77 511 is for (x3) 511% Adoch ) xD and im playing flyff since beta in 2003 so i kinda know ALOT of things about Flyff
i played ur server for a while land its really nice hehe
Why Should u pick me? good question (Im puting this tihng cause normally each owner ask for it) xD
well, as i said i am a experienced GM and i know alot of things about Flyff and next time i would apply on a other server, i could put in the Any GM Experience Sentence: i was GM in Lacey's Server hehe. Also, i want to help MidNte Flyffers love ur server.
i think ive said all i needed to say.
U can contact me by my Msn :
or on my Facebook : Alexandre Cyr
i hope ull choose me, Alex
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Alex's GM Application
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