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 Aprodiate's Game Master Application

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PostSubject: Aprodiate's Game Master Application   Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:07 pm

Hi im Cesar by the way.. Im trying my luck to apply for Game moderator and hope it does.. For this format of Game Moderator i just copied it.

1. Personal information:

-Name:Cesar Matthew C. Chua
-In game character name: Aprodiate
-Where are you from: Philippines
-What are the hours you are able to play MidniteFlyff?
*(4hrs -12hrs max)
-And what is the GMT you are basing yourself on?
*GMT +8
-What languages do you speak?

2. How long have you been playing on Midnite Flyff?
(about 3 months ago)

3. Do you have any previous experience on private servers? Tell us about it.
(Yes i have. i played Demonflyff for 1year. I played kingsflyff for few months until it got hacked.. I played AngelicFlyff also and still playing a bit for 30mins i guess lol. Also playing InsanityFlyff and my latest is the midnite flyff)
4. What rate do you give to your Flyff knowledge?

5. Global flyff experience:
Well I played Flyff PH for more than 5-6 years now
-How long have you played eFlyff?
*(I played Flyff PH for 5-6years and got bored .)
-Do you still play it?
-What level?

.6 What can you say about yourself in general?
(Well I'm a mature person because of my age 22 and I'm a Serious person when it comes to business or work and I'm also dedicated whatever job that it gives me and also i'm a bit of perfectionist because of my profession: Registerd Nurse but still addicted to games)

.7 Why do you think you are the best one to fill this position?
Well considering the fact that i played 5years in Flyff Ph starting from the 1st version until now and considering the fact i played many private server and i'm dedicated to this server and i want to help escoflyff be the best private server and i wanna help raimi make this a successful server.

My yahoo messenger:
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Aprodiate's Game Master Application
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